Appointment Opportunities For You, LLC. -                           "Opening Doors For You."
About Us/Company Principles
For  about 12 years we had been marketing under Allejon Special Services Corporation/USA Recruiters.   For tax, marketing & growth considerations we formed AOFY on October 4th 2013.

As a Christian Businessman, a major role as owner of my company is to offer my Recruiters as many opportunities to earn income and provide for their families. 

Equally as important is for AOFY to provide services to Clients & Candidates that are beneficial to them and their families.

It is also important to me that through my Company's success, we help those who are less fortunate on a local, state, country and international basis.
I guide my business following Christian principles.  There are no guarantees in life and nothing is perfect......... but I can promise you that from my heart, we will give you 100% effort and try our very best to be successful for you in our relationships. 

As with any good relationship,  we will "work" through the highs and lows by communicating and working towards solutions.


Jon Rheault
Managing Member